Dress Code

School dress should enhance a positive image of the students and the district and not threaten the health, welfare and safety of the members of the student body. Any form of dress or grooming that attracts undue attention, prompting a disruption of the learning environment is unacceptable. Strong smelling perfume or cologne should not be worn due to many students with allergies and asthma.

Students in the Galion City Schools (Grades 3-12) are required to dress in Campus Wear to comply with the student dress code. Listed in the following are specific requirements for the Galion City School’s Campus Wear.

Campus Wear Attire

Acceptable dress must be appropriately sized and fitted. NO baggy, sagging, or excessively tight clothing is permitted. Clothing that is distressed or that has rips/holes in it is not to be worn. Judgment of an administrator in matters of dress and appearance is final. Attire cannot be altered and must conform to the following requirements:


a. A solid white/off-white, blue or orange collared polo (no more than 4 buttons) or a collared button front shirt must be worn at all times. True polo shirts do not have buttons that run down the front of the shirt. Button down dress shirts of approved colors are permitted. Either long or short sleeve shirts of approved colors are permitted. Mock turtlenecks are permitted (same colors as polo or button front shirt). Non-collared shirts can be worn underneath only.

b. All shirts must be tucked in with the exception of sweaters, sweatshirts, and fleece tops. No layering under or over approved tops will be permitted.

c. Cardigan/crewneck sweaters, V-neck sweaters or sweatshirts are optional. Approved tops worn underneath may be worn over solid colored polo/ or button front shirt. Fleece tops (white, off white, blue or orange) are permitted. No hooded tops permitted.

d. Approved colors for all sweaters, sweatshirts, and fleece tops are solid white/off-white, blue or orange.

e. Plain long or short-sleeved white t-shirts may be worn under polo/or button front shirts. No other layering under or over approved tops.



a. Permitted lower body attire must be worn around the waist. It must be fitted and hemmed. Length is to be to the top of the heel, not dragging on the floor. Bottoms are to be no more than one size larger than waist size and a classic cut leg. No denim, jean, cargo, sweat, or windbreaker style of pants shall be worn. 

b. Skirts/jumpers must be of knee length or longer. Approved colors are dark blue, khaki and tan. Back slit is to be no more than four (4) inches above the knee. 

c. Shorts must be of knee length. Khaki (tan) or dark blue Capri style pants are allowed. d. Approved colors for all bottoms are solid color khaki (tan) or dark blue. Corduroy material in solid khaki (tan) or dark blue is acceptable.

d. Any garment manufactured with belt loops must be worn with a plain solid color blue, black, khaki (tan) or brown belt by students in grades 6th thru 12th. Students in grades 3 through 5th may wear a plain solid color blue, black, khaki (tan) or brown belt



a. Heels are limited to a 2-inch height. No “heelies” permitted.

b. The entire foot must be covered at all times.

c. All laced shoes must be tied and shoe sizes are to be no more than one size larger than the foot.

d. Dress shoes- must be leather type shoes. Colors are limited to solid black, burgundy/cordovan, or brown. Laces must be the same as the shoe color.

e. Athletic/tennis shoes with laces are permitted. Modest and conservative shoes may be worn, colors or designs should not detract from appearance.

f. Boots are permitted. Colors are limited to solid black, burgundy/cordovan, or brown. Laces must be the same as the shoe color. Pants must be worn on the outside of boot.


Modest and conservative sock colors may be worn. Girls may wear skin-toned panty hose or tights in solid colors.


Jewelry/make-up/hair styles must be conservative and simple in nature- not excessive. Unnaturally colored hair (blue, green, red, purple, orange etc.) that is distracting to the educational process is not permitted. No chains or heavy metal of any type allowed. This includes over-sized belt buckles. Visible body piercing other than the ears is not to be worn at school or school activities. Gages are not an acceptable form of body piercing. No temporary tattoos or body sprinkles are to be worn on the face, arms, hands, legs.


A single manufacturer’s emblem/logo (that is sewn into the material) no more than 2 1⁄4 inches is permitted on bottoms and shoes ONLY. School related activity insignia, labels, logos or emblems located on the upper left side of tops are allowed.


Students are not to write anything on their clothing, their person, or anyone else’s clothing or person.


Team or club approved spirit wear may be worn as top if approved by coach/advisor/principal. They must maintain campus wear guidelines for bottoms.



All of the items listed below MUST be placed in cubbies: jackets, coats, gloves (any hand coverings), hoodies, and all outerwear and headwear of any type. This includes hats, headbands, sweatbands, hoods, handkerchiefs and sunglasses.


The above Campus Wear Policy is meant to serve the best interests of all students on campus. Any questions or issues regarding the above statements will be referred to the campus administrator for resolution, with a written request from the parent(s).

Where you purchase Campus Wear items is a family choice as long as the above mentioned specifications are met.