2019-20 Dismissal Procedures



Directions for End of the Day Dismissal

Step 1 Sign up

Sign up for the Remind App at www.remind.com/join

3rd Graders use the class code: @4h8eee

4th & 5th Graders use the class code: @ghffd6

Step 2 When you arrive

Once you are safely in the correct line of cars (see image above), use the Remind app to text us.

You must include the student(s) first and last name and grade.

Step 3 Student Release 

Students will be dismissed to your vehicle as you arrive at a safe distance from the building.


Q: What if I have a 3rd grader and a 5th grader?

A: Use the 3rd grade code and follow the 3rd grade route in the parking lot.


Q: What if I have to have someone else pick up my child?

A:  You will need to notify the office prior to 3:00pm. The person you name will park in an available space and come into the office.  They must present their ID prior to us releasing the student. 


Q: What if my child is almost always a bus rider, but today or temporarily needs picked up?

A: You can join Remind at any time.  If your plans need changed for an extended amount of time, you will need to notify the transportation department.


Q: What if I need to pick up my child before the regular dismissal time?

A: You will need to come into the building and sign the student out.