Arrival and Dismissal Procedures



Directions for Start of the Day Arrival

Our students' safety is our number one priority at Galion Intermediate School. In order to ensure this, we are reminding everyone of our morning drop off/arrival procedures. 

Upon exiting the vehicle enter the main doors promptly. 

If you have a question for the office or need to leave a teacher a note, please enter the left set of doors labeled adult entry,  use the buzzer to go into the office.


Directions for End of the Day Dismissal

 We are not using Remind for dismissal this year. Please follow the directions specific to your student's grade level. 


3rd Graders will be dismissed through the cafeteria doors. Parents may walk to the cafeteria doors to meet your student for parent pick-up.  Once parent pick-up is complete, parents who are waiting in cars can drive up to the sidewalk area and students will be dismissed by car. 

4th Graders will be dismissed through the 5th grade hall and will wait for their car to pull up to the front of the building.

5th Graders will be monitored as they walk to the north end of the High School parking lot where parents can pick up there. 


Students will be dismissed to your vehicle as you arrive at a safe distance from the building.



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