Students in grades 3, 4, and 5 are expected to follow the School-Wide Discipline Plan. The Level System is built upon three premises:


1. Students are responsible for their own actions

2. Students have a right to their education, therefore they may not take that right away from another student by disrupting the learning environment 

3. We will not tolerate “bullying”

Level I

In most cases, students are verbally warned of behaviors that are interfering, disrupting, etc. If behaviors continue, the student will receive a Level I.

This is similar to the “Yellow” warning that is given in the Primary building. Level I is a “warning” to students and gives them an opportunity to change their behaviors. A Level I is an excellent communication to our families and requires a signature from the student’s parent (guardian). If the Level I is not returned, the student will progress to Level II.  It is essential that your child return the signed Level I slip the following day to avoid further consequences. The purpose of Level I is a warning and communication to our families. It is not intended to be a punishment, but serves as a warning to students to “correct” their behavior and communication to the parent (guardian) of the situation.

Level II

A student may progress to Level II if behaviors such as disrespect, inappropriate language, excessive disruption, etc…occur. They may also progress to Level II if Level I slips have not been returned. Level II results in a noon detention that will be served on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays. Rarely is a Level II given that does not result in a noon detention. Level II is similar to the “Red Alert’ that is given in Primary grades. Level II may result in the loss of one or more noon recesses.

Level III (Blue It) 

If a student receives a Level III, behaviors may have become chronic or the behavior is severe to the point that they have progressed through the Level system. Behaviors that are listed on Level II are fighting, physical aggression, lying, etc… Students and families should take Level III slips very seriously as consequences may result in out-of-school suspensions. Level III consequences include After School Detention on Thursdays from 3:30-4:00 p.m. and may result in no participation in assemblies, recesses or field trips. Students not staying for assigned After School detentions without parents contacting the school may be suspended.

Students are rewarded for their Positive Behavior by participating in Quarterly Behavior Incentives. Students look forward to these incentives and enjoy their recognition! We ask that our families support our School-Wide Discipline Plan so that our students understand that their family and school are working together to provide a safe and positive learning environment for all students.


Violations of the following regulations are grounds for suspension and/or expulsion. In addition, unruly charges may be filed in juvenile court against a student who violates the Student Conduct Code.

I.  Students shall not disrupt or interfere with curricular or extracurricular activities by:


a. Failing to attend class.

b. Giving obscene gestures or remarks.

c. Pulling the fire alarm.

d. Calling in a bomb threat. 

e. Using profanity or vulgarity.

f. Spitting, biting. 

g. Throwing snow, ice, stones, etc.

h. Failing to tell the truth, cheating, stealing,

i. Possessing obscene materials.

j. Acting inappropriately by making sexual advances or public displays of affection.

k. Pushing, shoving, kicking, wrestling, riding piggyback, or fighting.

l. Being disruptive.

m. Being disrespectful to staff, students, volunteers, or school visitors.

n. Bringing cellular phones, pagers, or other electronic devices to school.

o. Scooters are prohibited on school grounds.

II. Students shall not cause damage, destruction, or defacement to public property or to private property of students, teachers, school personnel, or other persons, or steal or attempt to steal public or private property either on the school grounds or during a school-sponsored or related activity, function, or event off school grounds.

III. Students shall not verbally or physically assault or threaten to assault a school employee, student, or other person on the school premises, while in the custody and control of the school, or in the course of school-related activities. A student who engages in an assault upon a school employee or damages private property of a school employee or another student off school property or at a nonschool- sponsored or related activity, function, or event may be subject to suspension or expulsion from school if the principal or superintendent determines that the student’s presence in the school is reasonably certain to substantially endanger the health or safety of the student or other or their property.

IV. A student shall not possess or use a weapon such as:


a. Gun

b. Knife

c. Any item used as a weapon

V. A student shall not possess, handle, transmit, sell, or bring upon school grounds any smoke bombs, fireworks, or explosives, nor shall a student ignite or explode smoke bombs, fireworks, or explosives at school or school-sponsored activities or related functions or activities on or off school grounds or at any time the student is subject to the authority of the school.

VI. A student shall not use profane, abusive, or threatening language or obscene gestures toward any school employee, student, or visitor in relation to a school situation, curricular, or extra-curricular activities.

VII. A student shall not repeatedly fail to comply with directions of teachers, substitute teachers, student teachers, teachers’ aides, principals, assistant principals, custodians, counselors, nurses, secretaries, or any authorized school personnel during any period when a student is properly under the authority of school personnel.

VIII. Students shall not possess, use or be under the influence of alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, fake (counterfeit) drug, steroids, inhalants, or other inappropriate drugs or drug-related paraphernalia while in a curricular or extracurricular activity.

IX. Students shall not possess or use tobacco in the school building or at curricular or extracurricular activities.

Violations may result in:


1. First offense-three (3) day suspension.

2. Second offense-five (5) day suspension.

3. Third offense-ten (10) day suspension.

(In addition, a recommendation may be made for expulsion or a mandatory smokers’ clinic.)

X. A student shall not forge or willingly use a forged note or excuse.

Disciplinary Penalties

1. Noon Detentions

Students may be assigned a noon detention which is held throughout the lunch and noon recess period.  Detentions are supervised by an adult.

2. After-School Detention

Students are expected to be prepared to study while at school. If a student disrupts classroom procedure, parents will be notified. No student will be kept after school without the written consent or a phone call home to parents. Parents should be given one day’s notice. Parents are expected to cooperate in correcting the situation.

3.  Removal from Class

A student may be temporarily removed from a class by a teacher. The seriousness of the offense, the student’s attitude, and the number of previous offenses are all factors determining the final resolution. The teacher must submit the reasons in writing to the Principal as soon as practicable after the removal.

4.  Emergency Removal

When circumstances are such that a student’s continuing presence in school is reasonable certain to pose a continuing danger to persons or property or an ongoing threat of disrupting the academic process taking place either within the classroom or elsewhere on the school’s premises, or at school-sponsored or related activities or events, the Superintendent, Principal, or the Principal’s designee may remove a student from curricular or extracurricular activities or from the school premises, without complying with the notice and hearing requirements of suspension and/or expulsion. If a student is removed under this provision, written notice of the reason(s) for the removal and written notice of the hearing to be held regarding the removal shall be given to the student as soon as practicable prior to the hearing. The hearing will be held within seventy-two (72) hours from the time the initial removal is ordered. The hearing shall be held in accordance with the procedure set forth pertaining to suspensions and expulsions.

5.  In-School Suspension

If staffing is available, the Principal may suspend a student from class for a one (1) to ten (10) day length of time. This means the student will spend the entire school day working on regularly scheduled assignments. A student may make up missed work.

6.  Out-of-School Suspension

A Principal may suspend a student from classes for a one (1) to ten (10) day period of time. The home is to be notified of a student’s suspension. A student may make up missed work.